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Finlayson - Reflect, No. 1, 2022, oc, 40x48.jpeg

Elissa Cristall Gallery

September 10 - October 8, 2022

These drawings and paintings were developed during the spring of 2022. They began with a trip to Yellow Point on Vancouver Island in February. Drawing conditions were not ideal for sustained periods, but the cold and logistical awkwardness contributed to a focus and intensity that I really enjoy.

LF-Installation1 2021[230584300921527755

Elissa Cristall Gallery

November 2021

This group of new paintings were curated celebrating the opening of Elissa Cristal's new gallery space


Oak Bay Beach Hotel
Winchester Galleries

November  2021-April 2022

This collection of artworks is a curated selection of BC landscapes installed in the public spaces of Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria. 


This Time, This Place
Winchester Galleries

September 2020

This body of work is an ongoing dialogue with Vancouver Island’s natural environment, through the continuum of exploring, walking, drawing, and accumulating memories.

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