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Finlayson - Reflect, No. 4, 2022, oc, 24x24.jpeg

Reflect (a continuation) 2022

These drawings and paintings were developed during the spring of 2022. They began with a trip to Yellow Point, Vancouver Island in February. Drawing conditions were not ideal for sustained periods, but the cold and logistical awkwardness contributed to a focus and intensity I really enjoy.

Beginning with exploratory walks I develop a feel for the place, the complexity of colour, the changing light and the textures of foliage. This gives me the time to focus on what defines the place for me, and that becomes the starting point for the drawings.

The action of drawing from life is like a meditation; sustained observation allows the pertinent to come to the surface and the superfluous to fall away.

While my drawings often become compositions for paintings, I do see them as resolved works in their own right.

In the studio, colour is further developed to suggest the memory of the place, what I am left with when I reflect on being there.

I have continued with Reflect as a title as I develop my work. During the Covid years, restricted activities allowed a great deal of time to reflect on my own life and work, while solitary immersion in landscape continues to be a perfect sorting ground for both drawing and reflection.

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